HatchPak is a poultry vaccine produced by Merial, the multinational animal health company. They asked for a print ad for trade publications that would stand out among the typical industry ads and promote the benefits of the Hatchpak vaccine. HatchPak is a vaccine that eliminates infectious bronchitis in poultry and is just as effective as other vaccines while using far fewer schizonts – a component of the vaccines that can cause digestive issues in the chicken. 
Ad copy:
Less is more. True with in-laws and chicken vaccines. 
Get the same immunization with 465,000 fewer damaging schizonts.
Here's another ad created for HatchPak. The concept (and pun) are mine on this, but laid out by another designer.
Ad copy:
Less harm. More fowl. 
Precisely the right amount of coccidia. Any less and immunity can be sacrificed. Any more and excessive damage can occur. Our precocious vaccine is engineered to eliminate the fourth generation of coccidia. The result: more rapid immunity and healthier birds.
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